Thank You!

CYAP relies on donors to make our work possible.  Without your contributions, we wouldn’t be able to provide the space and resources to help build the leadership skills of girls and trans youth.  So for everyone who has invested in building change locally: we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Thanks so much to all of our recurring donors!

  • Treva Williams
  • Kevin Ray
  • Anna Freeman
  • Savannah
  • Jen Bennet
  • Amy Horwitz
  • Abigail Tennenbaum
  • Marcus Amaker
  • Margaret Pilarski
  • Amy Dodds
  • JF Lyles
  • Leah Smith
  • Monica Tanouye
  • Anthony Dargan
  • Marilyn Taylor


And a big thank you as well to our recent one-time donors!

  • Jeree Thomas
  • Andrea Lynch
  • Kim Odom
  • Don Larson
  • Georgia Schrubbe
  • Jae Johns