Teen Leader Updates February 2016

February 28th, 2016

Wondering what our teen leaders are up to this semester? Check out the video and statement below to learn more about their work on school-based arrests!

“What are the GRASP teen leaders working on this semester?”

Video by Danautica & Karla

GRASP Teen Leader Update, February 2016 from Girls Rock Charleston on Vimeo.

“Why are we working on school based arrests this semester?”

Blog post by Precious & Danjai

We, the Girls Rock Charleston Teen Leaders, want to remove SROs, end racial bias in schools, and also find a better way to help at-risk teens or kids and help improve their lives and futures instead of locking them up. In Charleston, Black students are already perceived to be troubled when we come in to school, so we are more likely to be arrested.  That’s racial bias.  But school-based arrests affect everyone. They make it hard for all of us to learn.

We decided to interview students that have been arrested because Charleston has a very high rate of school-based arrests. It’s important to get students’ side of the story because they’re rarely asked about what happens to them. Teenagers like us are the best ones to make this change in our communities, because school-based arrests affect us the most.


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