GRASP Week Two

Alison Piepmeier put the mainstream media in it’s place!

Alison Workshop

This Tuesday (Feb 10), we had a very special guest Alison Piepmeier, the director of the Women’s and Gender Studies department at the College of Charleston and honorary rocker, arrive to give a workshop to rockers about media literacy. She started off displaying advertisements taken from recent magazines, images in which she describes a group of people are paid to reflect our culture’s focus. The rockers evaluated what made these advertisements unlike our actual population, including discussion on racial stereotyping and Photoshop. They also characterized and established what feminine and masculine traits are in our culture. Dr. Piepmeier and the rockers established that the only traits that constitute a person to a gender is identifying as a man or a woman… which- in our book- rocks!

* Sadly, there is no update about Thursday band practice, because school was not in session on Thursday! Snow day!! Winter weather warning!! NO SCHOOL!

Coming up next on Week 3: Self-defense and dance workshop! Band practice! Hoorah!

Girls Rock Charleston is a collective of volunteer organizers from around the Charleston Area

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