GRASP Week Three

Dancing with the Rock Stars… and Defending with the Rock Stars?!

Self Defense/Dancing

As you can tell by the above freeze frame, Girls Rock ASP definitely had a ball this week 3 as we engaged in the collaborative workshop of Bri, a senior WGST major at the College of Charleston and GRC teammate, and Crystal, a Charleston County librarian, They figured the two workshops worked well together because they both taught of ways to move your body comfortably and confidently.

First Bri taught a routine for the whole group to learn and perform in sync. The rockers learned all four dance positions, and the basics of classic dance moves to use anytime! (Obviously it went great, because it paid off in the dance party featuring GRC’s  DJ LanAtron!) Afterwards, Crystal showed us all how to find our comfort zone, “our bubble,” and what happens when we’ve extended our zone. She showed ways to respond to someone that we don’t feel comfort, which include yelling, running, and then using physical defense. Rockers punched, swatted, and whacked their way to pros!

In response to the dancing portion, rocker Donner (who showed some killer moves) said, “I didn’t want to stop dancing, and I felt that the music was very empowering to dance to!” Thanks, DJ LanAtron. In regards to the self-defense, Imani said, “It made me feel more aware of myself and how to react in certain environments.” One taught skill that is usually overlooked was using a firm voice. “Using your voice before physical interaction, people are shocked when you’re loud, and it is a powerful defense,” said Crystal leading the workshop.

Thursday Band Day

This Thursday was especially special because the rockers got to embrace their respective instruments for the first time! (Can I get a heck-yes??) The newly made drummers learned how to set up a drum set properly (a must-know for a drummer). Overall people played their own funky grooves and had a great first official instrumental experience!

Coming Up for Week 4: Self-defense leads us into the new topic of consent for Tuesday featuring Micah as the workshop leader! And more jamming!!

Girls Rock Charleston is a collective of volunteer organizers from around the Charleston Area

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