GRASP Week Six

Girls Rock Gets Fancy (Experimenting with Sounds)












This week, the Girls Rock music spectrum expanded from just your classic guitar, key, and drum sound. Former GRC volunteers Blake Godsey and Rebecca Rocket teamed up to teach the rockers all about the history of experimental music and it’s impact on current music. We learned names such as Phillip Glass and John Cage, who recorded and distorted different objects in nature to create new sound in music. We also learned about artists like Bjork, who has recently used vocal and instrumental experimentation to differ her music. A zine made by Blake and Rocket themselves was shared also with instructions on how to assemble a contact mic, a device Cage used in his own sound exploration! Woah!

Then, the rockers got to experiment with sounds on their own, given a room full of random objects and uncommon musical devices: bottles, pots, kiddie keyboards, and the instrument as shown from the photo! (Do you know what it’s called?) The rockers experimented with loop pedals and ways to physically distort their current instruments as well, such as sticking metal pieces into guitar strings like Sonic Youth. They got to record and sample their chosen sounds to see if they could later work with the new sounds they found that day in their own bands!

Girls Rock Charleston is a collective of volunteer organizers from around the Charleston Area

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