GRASP Week One

GRASP (Girls Rock After School Program) Week One…. went off with a BANG!

ASP Week 1


















The Girls Rock Charleston After School Program has officially launched! We on the Girls Rock ASP (or GRASP) team had a blast facilitating the first meetings in order to acquaint rockers and establish rocking grounds.

Our first meeting on Tuesday, February 4, we learned about each other in different ways. Gender pronouns were introduced allow the folks to state their preferred genders. [Establishing a place for gender identity (he/him, his, she/her/hers) and also gender neutrality (they/them/their) is strong value of the Girls Rock team.] Then we all established goals and a game plan on a Code of Rock, that the rockers all believed we should embody. Some goals included being comfortable to be yourself to others and making sure everyone is having a good time. To top the day off, we finished with an activity to tell of “a time where you didn’t feel welcomed.” After everyone shared, we went around to tell of the different kinds of people we at Girls Rock would always welcome: people of every religion, race, sexuality, hair color, shoe size, blood type, and all the rest!!

Thursday was the first of the weekly band practice days, where we get down to business to start preparing for the big band showcase at the end of the year. Rockers got to try out different instruments to see what they wanted to stick with or just to try something they’ve never played before. These instruments include keys, drums, electric guitar, and bass guitar- the basic ingredients of a great rock band.

Week One overall was a smash hit! (literally…) We are totally looking forward to all the new Tuesday learning workshops and Thursday band days in store.

Until then… rock on, friends.


Girls Rock Charleston is a collective of volunteer organizers from around the Charleston Area
  1. Ashley wade Reply
    Yay! I'm SO stoked about the afterschool program. GRASP!!! The blog looks great and the program has been extremely empowering and successful so far! <3

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