GRASP Week Five

This week’s Tuesday workshop was about a pretty relevant topic: Image and Social Media Presence. Guest rocker Staci BuShea, a curator and activist currently in Jacksonville, led the workshop. First, she outlined to the rockers what the internet is, although they’ve already had plenty of experience with this source in their time. Staci explained more broadly how the internet and social networking specifically allows you to manipulate your identity to however and whomever you’d like to present yourself. She also brought up selfies, a common sighting while on social media, especially participated by female-identified people. The rockers discussed how negatively connotated selfies are towards females, and can be looked at as deeply-rooted misogyny. They talked about how selfies are actually a powerful way to empower yourself, because you are confident enough enough to display yourself in your own light.

Girls Rock Charleston is a collective of volunteer organizers from around the Charleston Area

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