About The Crew


Maria Figueroa

Co-director of Programming

Charleston’s preeminent queer, bilingual, hard femme, mixed race, bespectacled, radical feminist Batman nerd, Maria Figueroa is no stranger to the wonderful weirdness that comes with upholding justice and intersectionality. The mold-shattering youngest child to a non-traditional family of badass women of color, Maria has a fierce determination to make the world a “straight up dope” place for women of color to flourish as the beautiful, unstoppable creatures that they are. Although fairly new to Carolina Youth Action Project, Maria brings the fire of 23 years of pent up feminist rage to the program and hopes to ignite the same in all young people brave enough to take up the mantle of community organizing, and uplift and inspire for as long as she has left on Earth! (Or at least until they stop printing Batman comics) Maria graduates from the College of Charleston in May (God willing) with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, and if not hanging out with rad young organizers, can be found either at work or watching Star Trek.

Kim Larson

Co-director of Programming

Kim Larson is one of the founding organizers of Carolina Youth Action Project. Kim is a musician who didn’t start writing and performing music until the age of 22 after volunteering at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in New York. Through attending and hosting house shows for many years she discovered how powerful music can be as a tool for building community and inspiring personal and political transformation. She is always amazed by the young people she has met through working with CYAP and is excited to see their vision of a better South Carolina become more possible everyday. Kim also plays guitar in post-punk band Southern Femisphere.

Rachel Trueblood

Co-director of Development

Rachel is a queer, biracial Asian-American femme from the backwoods of Boiling Springs, South Carolina. Before joining the CYAP organizing team in 2016, they graduated from Winthrop University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. As a book nerd who was first politicized around academic feminisms, Rachel is grateful for the ways in which CYAP allows them to heal and grow every day through the deeply personal work of nitty gritty, grassroots youth organizing. In the very limited free time they have between waiting tables and organizing for social change, Rachel enjoys riding their bike in the glow of the moonlight, searching for the best potato chips life has to offer, and playing fetch with their cat, Gertrude.

Micah Blaise

Co-director of Development

Micah Blaise is a Southern radical educator and organizer who was born & raised in rural South Carolina. She’s worked with the Carolina Youth Action Project in many capacities since its founding in 2011. Micah believes deeply that girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth of color know what's needed to transform South Carolina into a state where all of us are safe, where we are free, and where we have what we need. As Co-Director of Development for CYAP, she is passionate about moving resources to support these young leaders and their organizing work long-term. By day, Micah is a special education teacher at North Charleston High School where she wears inappropriately dark lipstick and works to stoke students' innate fire for resistance and revolution through carefully planned novel study units.

Pangur Brougham-Cook

Co-director of Community Organizing

Pangur is a queer trans woman from the beautiful and sunny Hilton Head Island. She is currently a freshman at the College of Charleston studying Computing in the Arts with a music focus. Pan began fighting against systems of oppression in high school by defending her own gender and standing up for marginalized groups all around her. She attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities where she studied Double Bass performance and was the president of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance. Pan joined CYAP in the summer of 2016 as a camp volunteer, teaching bass lessons. She continues to be amazed by the power music has as a tool of social change. She strives to make the world safer for marginalized youth by volunteering at Camp Aranu’tiq, a summer camp for transgender and gender non-conforming youth. Pan enjoys playing jazz gigs, as well as jamming out in a indie rock band. In her free time, Pan enjoys the rough and tumble of playing rugby, lounging on the beach, and jamming out to everything from classical music to feminist punk.

Chan Lebeau

Co-director of Community Organizing

Chan has been a CYAP organizer since 2013. A gemini drawn to murky margins, they have a whole lot of queer love for the low country, and envisioning what’s possible in this red state. They are currently working to build power and sustain youth organizing efforts to intervene on the juvenile justice and public school systems in their city and state.